Samsung Galaxy S2 – Tips ,Tricks and Secret Codes

Enjoy your SGS2 the Fullest


  1. Pinch the Home screen to reveal thumbnails of your screens like on HTC Phones ( same applies to your apps drawer)
  2. Click on the Dots on the Home screen to go to the respective screen.
  3. Press and hold a dot to turn it in to a slide bar and fast scroll between screens.
  4. Press and Slide your finger left or right on top notification bar to adjust your screen brightness.
  5. Long Press on empty screen to add widgets/ wallpapers etc.


  1. Left swipe on contact to message and right swipe to call.
  2. On the right hand side click on alphabets to jump to corresponding contact.


  1. If you open the camera app and long press just above the settings button ( menu > Edit Shortcut ) you can add two more settings of your choice besides the camera/video and flash shortcuts.
  2. Click anywhere on the screen to focus.


  1. SGS2 (Gingerbread) – Home Button + Power Button = Screenshot. This one is all about timing so might take a bit of practice.
  2. SGS2 ( IceCream Sandwich) – Power Button and Down Volume Button Pressed together


  1. Long Press Home button to bring up Task Manager
  2. Double Tap Home Button to bring up Voice Commands and other options


  1. You can change the fonts system-wide, including default text on websites and apps in Settings -> Display -> Screen Display -> Font Style menu… There’s 3 to choose from:Default Font
    Choco cooky
    Helvetica S


  1. Menu > Edit in your apps to group them in folders or rearrange them.


  1. Swipe left or right on the keyboard to go to other characters/numbers quickly.
  2. Settings on keyboard  gives you options of different keypad types including Handwriting.


  1. Pinch once in calendar App to display all the months of the year.


  1. An Easter egg you didn’t know about (it’s from Google), if you go to preferences >about phone and click three times fast on Android Version you get an Artwork .


Will only work with the official  Dialer might not work with third party dialers, please be careful when fiddling with codes

*#0*#        – Takes you to  LCD TEST MODE

*#9900#   – Takes you to System Dump, where Disabling Fast                                      Dormancy gives a boost to your network speed on some                          networks (both wifi and Gprs), same code to re-enable it.

*#1234#    – Check your Firmware version.

*#06#        – Imei Code

*#2263#   – Network modes select

Full Comprehensive Code List Here

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75 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S2 – Tips ,Tricks and Secret Codes

  1. Anoob Razak says:

    Can i reduce the font size of contacts?
    thanks in advance..

    • goangeek says:


      As of now I have no clue whether you can reduce fonts (unless maybe there’s a way if you are rooted)
      but you can try this app from the market

      font for galaxy SP (Fontomizer)

      Its a great free App where you can download different fonts for your Galaxy S2 which I find really useful, please follow the instructions to use the font you like

      Galaxy S2 supports different fonts Settings>Screen Display>font style you have three by default, but once you install your desired font from the other app they will display here as well

      • roy says:

        yerr you can go into messages, then without going into a certain message, touch the menu button on the bottom left, click settings and it should come up with font size 🙂

  2. Mazin says:

    Dear GG

    I have SG2 and I am getting a pink spot on upper left side of the photos when I actives the flash do have any solution pls ?!?


    • goangeek says:

      Hi Mazin

      The Pink Spot is a problem which many users have reported and some blame it on the hardware while some on the software.

      Few suggestions by users:

      Wipe the Glass of your Camera

      Change the white balance on your camera setting anything other than auto

      Update your camera firmware to a newer version if available through samsung apps ( which comes pre installed on the phone)

      Update your Rom either via Kies if available or through Odin.

      Apparently as far a I know there is no fix as such, just gotta live with it, if its really bad might as well see if you can get an exchange.


  3. Sam says:

    Im in a pickle when i first got my phone you could be on any program and when you pressed the main button it took you back to through home screen….. now it doesn’t. it takes me to another home screen where i have to shut that and then the program i was using and using the back button to get back to my home screen. how do i get rid of it?

    • roy says:

      its most likely because your using go launcher, remove the program from the manage applications menu under settings and it should be fine then 🙂

  4. Al. Pat says:

    Kickass mate!!!!
    Thanks a million

  5. daddu says:

    Thank u

  6. pardeep says:

    i am not getting outdoor color setting in my phone plz help me

    • goangeek says:

      What do you mean by outdoor colour settings ?

      • pardeep says:

        there is outdoor color setting in sgs2 but in my it is not there, i feel there is color temp is high and i have done my best to set but failed to do so.there is no setting except dynamic, standard and movie.

  7. TP says:

    great guide, thanks

  8. i have never used the two shooting modes on my S2 , the beauty one and action shot.. can u plz tell me their utility . thanx 🙂

    • goangeek says:

      Hi jayesh.. Why not try all the modes on one particular subject and you will see the difference.. Basically action mode is for moving subjects like people running etc.. Beauty mode I believe gives you more oomph factor to photos.. Try pudding camera and also instagram filters to enhance your photos

  9. Nasser says:

    fastest way to change the brightness :
    press and hold (2sec) on the top of the screen
    1- upper left side will give you low bright
    2- upper right side will give you high bright

  10. Arjan says:

    Screenshot gingerbread is not about timing.
    Just release the powerbutton before releasing the home button 🙂


  11. Arjan says:

    Woot! Now I know why I get the voice command sometimes 🙂
    “Double Tap Home Button to bring up Voice Commands and other options…”

  12. Bling302 says:

    is there a way to disable the voice command i don’t use it and i often turn it on any idears would be useful thanks

    • goangeek says:

      Hi.. You can disable quiet a.lot of stuff in the application settings if u have ICS .. Unfortunately it dosent seem to give that option for the voice app which I believe is a system app and you might have to root your phone to disable it

  13. serge says:

    Hi, everybody,
    I’m experiencing a strange and annoying problem on my SGS2, only 4 months old running under Android 2.3.4 … My camera seems not to be working everytime I want. Black screen, some times no icons at all, and from time to time a French equivalent message to “Camera Failed”.
    I have tried to boot it, and re-boot it, no change, with Titanium to re-install the software, no change again… When it doesn’t work, I cannot use Scan2pdf, or any apk using the lens and the light of the camera, … Then, without any reason, it’s unexpectedly working again….
    I read somewhere it could come after having installed the following apk : a kind of Battery economiser or Google Earth, I uninstalled them … no change again. I guess it was an hoax.
    Has anyone had that problem and any idea what to do for correcting that ???
    I’m waiting for installing an official and authorized ICS version, could I expect it’d be corrected ?

    Btw, I’am waiting and answer, and I thank you in advance
    Best regards

    • goangeek says:

      Try installing a fresh 2.3.4 rom or one of the latest ICS roms and obviously you will loose root. but you can reroot again if you wish to.. you would be better of join the XDA forums for sgs2 for more help.

  14. Rohit says:

    Hi Guys,
    Its just a week i have bought S2, Since the day I bought it, while speaking to my friends, they say that my voice is not clear. They feel that i am moving the phone away from my mouth to and fro. I had been to the service center and they have denied this to be a problem. I explained them this is happening on every call. Probably after 5 mins of the conversation. Did any one here experience this kind of a problem. Please do suggest me if there is a fix or anything I could do for this.

    I have also updated to 2.3.6 but of no use.

    • goangeek says:

      Hi rohit.. Are you by any chance using a phone cover? As they can make your voice sound low.. Also you could try updating to latest ics software for sgs2 … If you have just bought the phone best to get it exchanged if the problem persists

      • Rohit says:

        I really appreciate your quick response, I was indeed using a phone cover however I have removed it after noticing few other blogs insisting it to be the cover problem. To be honest I am very new to this Android world, I wanted to first get a hands on Gingerbread so that once I update to ICS, I should know the differences.

        I went to the Samsung service center, What they say is that .. The only case the handset can be replaced is if it was opened from the box as “Dead ” and that too within 4 days of purchase.. now the only option is to repair it.

        The problem I am facing is not something physical and is really difficult to make them understand. In view to get this resolved, I took a recorded conversation of me and my friend. They still deny this to be a problem. Suggestions Please !!

  15. alyssa. says:

    When i want to take pictures i want the flasb noise to stopp ?! How do i do that

  16. kshitij says:

    Dear GG,

    Is thare any update in galaxy s 2 android after 2.3.6 . and after ice cream sandwich.

  17. Ellah says:

    hello…can i ask why is it every time i open my new message in the inbox it is kind of lag…it is sometimes smooth but sometimes its confuse why is it like that? thanks..

  18. B says:

    For some reason these codes don’t work on my gs2.. I would like to know how to clear all the unwanted images my phone saves from playing games to viewing stuff on the web.. I use the task manager and I clear the data and cookies all the time..

  19. Pankajain says:

    Hie GG,
    A very informative blog you are running and congrats for that.
    The problem I am facing is a bit weird by nature.. Every time I try to make a (3G) video call, the image/ video freezes after a certain time. No video call as of now has not been stopped abruptly.
    After the freezing, the network reloads itself, which is very much similar to turning on Flight Mode and immediately turning it off.
    This problem is faced by me since I updated my SGS2 to ICS. Reinstalling ICS has not helped either. Any help???

  20. pankajain says:

    Dear GG,
    I forgot to mention that am not using any app for the purpose but simply making video calls to contacts on my phone who may or may not be Android users. Have also tried hard formatting my phone and also visiting the Samsung people for reinstalling ICS but to no avail.
    What more can be done as it worked perfectly fine before the update.

  21. Cebollero says:

    Where do i find hidden apps in my Samsung Galaxy II.?

  22. pala raghav says:

    Congrats for being succesfull. I bought s2 on last week and facing problem with it. When i press power or home button to unlock my mobile i was getting coloured vertical lines all over the screen for less than a second which can be rarely noticed. Any suggestions

    • goangeek says:

      Hi. @pala raghav

      Its quiet normal for a bit of lag (in your case the vertical lines) when the phone wakes up from deep sleep (not been used for while).. I would suggest a hard reset after backup and if the problem persists or is annoying best to take it back for an exchange.

  23. sateesh says:

    I brought samgung galaxy SII on last week. I was amazing phone to use. I am going to explore.
    You guys give me some good suggestions.

  24. sannthira says:

    where i can download application free for Samsung Galaxy S II …. the nice website …..

    • goangeek says:

      @sannthira What applications are you looking for? You can download free apps either at Google Play on your phone or from the Samsung App also from within your phone.

  25. luke says:

    Hello daz anyone knows how to change to anable in call waiting samsung galaxy s2 i did try to do it and showin unexpected response from network can anyone help me pla i will appreciate tht luk

  26. Ron says:

    Thanks for the tips! What is an official dialer and how do you input the codes?

  27. Dakota says:

    For taking screen shots with ics( Ice Cream Sandwhich, android 4.0-4.4) for s2, you dont use power button and volume down, instead you do it exactly how you would with gingerbread(Android 2.3-2.3.6) you hold the Home button with the power button, Like the Apple IOS(Iphone Operating Systems) Then it will save it to your phone, then you go to Gallery in your applications and it will be in an album called “Screen Shots”. Then you can see the screenshot you took( Currently have ics, 4.0.4 on my Samsung Galaxy s2).

  28. Lukewarm says:

    Excellent tips. However, I cannot seem to adjust the brightness using the top notification bar. I have made sure that the auto adjust in the brightness settings is not ticked. When I hold my finger at the top the scroller to bring the menu down appears as normal but doesn’t disappear to allow me to slide left/right to adjust brightness. What am I doing wrong. I have 4.0.3 ICS

  29. unnati patel says:

    No network inside my house.. . Otherwise phn works really well… but the same sim will show network even at home in other phns
    Pls help…
    I ve latest android version 4.1.1

  30. hp says:

    emergency numbers option : how to change emergency numbers in galaxy s2 of samsung

  31. Mike says:

    Hi. I have android 4.0.4 on my phone, which I sync with Microsoft Exchange. When I create a new task on the phone, the default is to “my tasks”, not to my exchange account. I can change it manually each time, but how do I change the default to my exchange account?

  32. janedoe says:

    Go to dialer and type in *#0*# then click sensor and image test. It’s a picture of a chihuahua c:

  33. Jayesh Sharma says:

    I am not able to perform snapshot/ screen capture in my SGS2 with ICS, even after trying pressing volume down and power button together.

  34. aj says:

    Hello there, this is very good blog. After seeing that you give solution for most of the problems people ask.
    My Samsung GS2 is stuck in flight mode
    I have searched many blogs, websites and forums. the only solution that I find for the mentioned problem is to root my GS2. Is there any solution where there is no need for rooting the phone?

    • goangeek says:

      Hi Aj

      1) Try taking the sim card out and putting it again ( loose connection ) or try a different sim card ( faulty sim)

      2) Try soft reset ( Take out battery and sim for 5 mins ) and power on again.

      3) Press Power button slightly to bring up the menu and disable flight mode from there.

      4) Finally you could do a full factory reset.

      Would appreciate if any of the solutions helped so it helps other users with same problem or if you find the solution yourself.

  35. Amit says:

    Hi admin i have recently a problem on my S2. So i send it to customer care. They fixed it. But the version no. of my android demoted to 2.3 gingerbread from4.0.4 ics. I try to reupdate it but the phone software update app shows ther is no update…….Help me. Thanks…..

    • goangeek says:

      Hi Amit .. I don’t get it as to why they would put an old android firmware on your device.. Regardless If you want to update you’re phone to Jellybean I would suggest you Google up for ‘ODIN’ and ‘Sammobile’ to flash the latest official firmwares for your phone… No root is required

  36. 2h7x9thp says:

    pinch in on albums in your galley to get a cool veiw of some of the pic with out openig it

  37. sunita says:

    HI plz help me……. somebody my phone’s nw locked but i do’not knw password and it also fast time problm of my cell ph???

  38. Muneeb says:

    If you put three fingers and drag them from top to bottom.. it locks your phone..
    similarly if u press and drag three fingers from bottom to top… it opens up ur camera 😛

  39. Samantha says:

    I text too fast and my key bored cant seem to keep up. Can i change the speed on the key bored so it can keep up?

    • goangeek says:

      Hi Samantha.

      You could try Swype under Settings/Language & Keyboard If your phone supports it or checkout SWYPE in google market or TOUCHPAL which should work great for you.

  40. Rajesh says:

    Really helpful article, today I learned many new shortcuts, thanks a lot for sharing these. I really appreciate your knowledge.

  41. Leanne Baker says:

    additional info about the Easter Egg, if you keep your finger pressed on the artwork it grows bigger and then shows the artwork in motion 😉

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  47. Thaer says:

    Hi goangeek,
    I’d like to ask you how to install gelly bean on SGS2 if my android version is 4.0.3 and does it make the phone faster or slower ? plz reply soon

    • goangeek says:

      Hi Thaer
      Please google for SAMMOBILES and register with them they have all files of jellybean for your version of sgs2 and then you can flash them to your phone via ODIN. you will get help in their forums. regards.

  48. rajat says:

    bluetoth is not working on s2……i evn reset my phone twice…bt aaaahh!!! it’s stl nt wrkg..?? plssssss help me to get out off thisss..vdaaa thanks in advance:-)

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